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Tamar de Klijn   Touwbaan 64  1018HS Amsterdam
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in opdracht van de ondernemersvereniging warmoesstraat schreef kunstenaars & co deze pitch uit.


Skyline Warmoesstraat


When arriving at the central station in Amsterdam one must directly enter one of the oldest and most historic streets of the city. While the locals hardly ever go there, for some tourists it may be the only place they see. And with good reason, because if you have seen the Warmoesstraat you have in essence seen everything that distinguishes Amsterdam from any other metropole. This is what makes the Warmoesstraat unique.

Our idea was therefore to approach the Warmoesstraat as the street in which everything happens.

Concept “Skyline Warmoesstraat”

With our concept we want to highlight the horizon/skyline of the Warmoesstraat as a reflection of the whole city (just like Manhattan in N.Y. which features on so many postcards). All elements that characterize the Warmoesstraat (and thereby Amsterdam) are included and displayed onto this skyline.

We envision this at a graphically abstracted level whereby the very different elements can be united to create and enhance the suggestion of a skyline.